temperature and deformation analysis of ship hull plate by

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happens between external environment and hull plate and reaches at equilibrium state. 4. SPECIMEN EXPERIMENT Specimen experiment is carried out to extract the structural response of inner hull which is subjected to hull deformation under cryogenic temperature due to direct contact with LNG. The specimen is prepared as shown in Fig. 10.

A Numerical Thermoplastic Analysis of Line Heating

Feb 01, 1999 · Based on the mechanics of LH, temperature and stress fields are uncoupled, and each field is solved using a general finite element program. Heat flux for the heating torch and convection condition for the cooling hose are modeled for temperature analysis. The plate to be fabricated is descretized using three-dimensional solid elements. A SIMULATION ON THE THERMO-ELASTO-PLASTIC Following this analysis, thermo- elasto-plastic analysis was conducted for the obtained transient temperature field. For this analysis, the concept of multi-layered plate element proposed by Mindlin was applied, instead of solid element. In the experimental studies, a heating coil was placed on a plate and this plate was heated for a given time

An optimal flattening algorithm for ship hull plate

Mar 10, 2018 · Ship hull plates are generally fabricated by thermal forming, which can only generate negative strain field because of thermal contraction. Therefore, area of planar configuration should be much larger than that of the desired surface and objective function should be subject to non-positive principal strain as. Analysis Of The Influence Of Temperature Field On Hulll As for the hull structure, the calculation of its ship's centerline Fr66,and the X Zhenxiao Shi, Yifeng Guan directio, School of Naval Architecture & Ocean EngineeringJiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China temperature stress mainly involves the temperature stress of the beam, plate and shell structure [7]. II.

Analysis and Prediction of Edge Effect on Inherent

Abstract:A three dimensional thermal-elasto-plastic FEA has been performed to predict the heat induced (inherent) deformation produced in thick steel plates formed by line heating. Using this FEA, the edge effect on inherent deformation is clarified. From the results of this study, a method to predict the edge effect is developed. Using this method, the edge effect on inherent deformation Analysis of Triangle Heating Technique using High Various shapes of curved steel plates for ship-hull production are obtained by the forming process of steel plates. In the forming and the deformation of the plate is predicted by FE analysis with the obtained temperature distribution. The results on temperature. 2.2 Analysis of heat flow and deformation

CiteSeerX Welding Distortion Analysis of Hull Blocks

CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda):Welding deformation reduces the dimensional accuracy of ship hull blocks and decreases productivity due to the correction work. Prediction and minimizing of welding distortion at the design stage will lead to higher quality as well as higher productivity. Therefore, it is strongly required to develop an effective Deformation Prediction of Plate Line Rolling Forming Based

  • AbstractIntroductionFem of Local Line Rolling FormingImpacts of Multiple Forming PathsForecasting of Local Line Rolling Forming by Inherent Strain MethodConclusionsConflicts of InterestAcknowledgmentsInherent strain method has been widely used as a forecasting and computing method for welding deformation of large complicated structures and further applied to the research of line heating forming. Mechanical forming is a common ship-hull plate forming method, for which deformation prediction still depends mainly on elastoplastic finite element method. This paper researched the application of inherent strain method to plate line rolling forming, a common mechanical forming method, and then coSeminar Report on Brittle Fracture of ShipsJul 03, 2017 · The International Convention for Safety of Life on the Sea was held in 1913, it changed the laws of passenger ships, enforcing each ship to carry enough lifeboats for every passenger. 3.2 The Steel 3.2.1 The Composition During an expedition to the wreckage in the North Atlantic on August 15, 1996, researchers brought back steel from the hull of

    Effect of forming factors on surface temperature and

    Jan 01, 2013 · Parameters of line heating input are key factors which determine temperature field and deformation field in line heating for ship hull plate manufacturing. Two coupling variables named as q s (average energy input per unit area), q s·t (average energy input per unit area and time) are constructed with line heating input parameters to describe relations between final deformation of plate and Effects of inductor patterns on temperature and Oct 25, 2018 · Alternately-coupled electromagnetic-thermal analysis procedure considering temperature-dependent material properties was firstly implemented at each moving step of inductor, followed with uncoupled thermal-mechanical transient analysis to obtain corresponding thermal deformation. Then temperature distribution, dimensions (breadth b and depth h) of heat-affected zone, and deformation

    Guide for Steel Hull Welding - AWS Bookstore

    Apr 29, 1992 · Keywords Steel, steel hull welding, ship welding, ANSI/AWS D3.5-93 hull design, hull construction, marine An American National Standard construction, vessels, offshore guide Approved by American National Standards Institute April 29,1992 Guide for Steel Hull Welding Superseding AWS D3.5-85 Prepared by AWS Committee on Welding in Marine Nonlinear Large Deflection Analysis of Stiffened Plates Nov 23, 2011 · Figure 3. In-plane loading of stiffened plates when longitudinal bending of ship hull girder. For the analysis of such structural elements, the theory of orthotropic plate can be used to predict the global buckling stresses but not the local buckling and the interaction between the plate and the stiffeners, for the predominantly in-plane loading.

    Numerical analysis and experimental research of triangle

    Compared with line heating process with simple line segment path, its main purpose is to get a bigger contraction deformation at the plate edge. Hence, triangle heating technology is important for most shipyards to increase hull-forming productivity and study the automation. This paper focuses on the moveable triangle induction heating technology. Numerical analysis and experimental research of triangle Dec 21, 2015 · Compared with line heating process with simple line segment path, its main purpose is to get a bigger contraction deformation at the plate edge. Hence, triangle heating technology is important for most shipyards to increase hull-forming productivity and study the automation. This paper focuses on the moveable triangle induction heating technology.


    Jan 01, 2001 · The line heating process has long been used for plate forming in the building of ships, and has always depended on skilled workers. Since shipbuilding companies need reduction of production costs and an increased use of automation, the line heating process must be improved by performing studies on the temperature of plates. In this paper, which discusses laser line heating of the plates Simulation of Postwelding Distortion Control of Stiffened Sep 01, 2006 · Simulation of Postwelding Distortion Control of Stiffened Hull Blocks by Line Heating Chang Doo Jang;


    An analysis was made of the bending angle using a heating deformation model on the basis of the temperature distribution. The results were confirmed by conducting a bending test. The forming of several types of hull plates was attempted by means of the line heating apparatus and bending forms sufficiently close to the desired forms were obtained.

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