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40B ( AISI, ASTM, UNS) - Worldwide equivalent grades

40B (USA, AISI, ASTM, UNS ) - European (EU, EN) and wordwide Cast iron equivalent grades These comparison table is only intended as an indication of the closest khown equivalent grades. The source standarts should always be checked for the specific purpose for each material, in case of doubt

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May 30, 2020 · 230. Compressive (Crushing) Strength. 970 MPa 140 x 103 psi. Elastic (Young's, Tensile) Modulus. 180 GPa 26 x 106 psi. Elongation at Break. 9.6 %. Fatigue Strength. 130 MPa 19 x 103 psi. Advantages of Gray Cast Iron - Top 5 - Faircast Inc.

    1. See full list on faircastincASTM A48 Class 30 Gray Iron Sand Castings Process Shell 2. The ductile iron casting products are widely used for Auto-cars, trains, trucks, vehicle components, mining machinery components, agricultural machinery parts, textile machinery parts, construction machinery parts, valves and pump parts, etc. Properties of ASTM A48 classes of gray iron. Class

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      'ASTM A48 CLASS 35 CAST IRON Dandong Foundry May 8th, 2018 - Cast iron ASTM A48 class 35 is equal to HT250 FC250 GG25 G25 FGL250 T260 O125 which is a type of high grade gray cast iron The followings are its application physical properties chemical composition and our opinion' 'astm international standards worldwide Cast Iron ASTM A48 Class 30 Material Pulley Castings As one of the leADIng Cast Iron ASTM A48 Class 30 Material Pulley Castings Precision Machining manufacturers and suppliers, our company has the best foundry technique. Please rest assured to buy high quality Cast Iron ASTM A48 Class 30 Material Pulley Castings Precision Machining at competitive price from our factory.

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      Cast Iron Material Comparison Chart Charpy Specification Grade or Class CSi Mn S PNi Cr Mo Cu ASTM A48 Gray Iron 35 35 40 40 45 45 50 50 55 55 60 60 D2 3.00 1.503.00 0.701.25 0.080 18.022.0 1.752.75 139202 58 30 8 Cast Iron Standards - ASTM InternationalA126 - 04 (2019) Standard Specification for Gray Iron Castings for Valves, Flanges, and Pipe Fittings. A159 - 83 (2020) Standard Specification for Automotive Gray Iron Castings. A278 / A278M - 01 (2020) Standard Specification for Gray Iron Castings for Pressure-Containing Parts for Temperatures Up to

      Cast Irons Specifications for Gray Iron and Ductile Irons

      Aug 07, 2007 · Ductile Iron. Ductile iron was first patented in 1949 after foundrymen searched for the ideal cast iron, which was easy to cast like gray cast iron, but had properties equal to or better than malleable iron. Ductile irons are in fact a family of cast irons characterized by Dura-Bar® Gray Continuous Cast Iron - Gray Iron Bar Stock Gray Iron. Dura-Bar® G2 is a pearlitic gray iron containing Type A graphite. G2 is built around ASTM A48 Class 40 gray iron, which is validated from a separately cast bar. These continuous cast bars made to this robust specification are a good fit for a variety of applications due to its good machinability, wear resistance and vibration damping properties.

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      Gray Cast Iron, ASTM A 48 Class 40, Carbon listed in the composition table is the total carbon. Can be oil quench hardened from 860°C to attain a Rockwell C 50 minimum surface hardness. Data provided by the manufacturer, Siltin Industries, Inc. Gray Iron ASTM A48 - Pacific Alloy Casting Co., Inc Gray Iron ASTM A48. Gray Iron Castings from Pacific Alloy Casting Co., Los Angeles, California. Specification for Gray Iron Castings ASTM A-48 Gray Iron. Gray iron is an alloy of carbon, silicon and iron. The first cast iron, gray iron is the most versatile of all foundry metals. The high carbon content makes gray iron easier to melt

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      Grey Iron Classifications. In theUnited States, the most commonly used classification for gray iron is ASTM International standard A48. This orders gray iron into classes which corresponds with its minimum tensile strength in thousands of pounds per square inch (ksi); e.g. class 20 gray iron has a minimum tensile strength of 20,000 psi (140 MPa). MATRIX IRON FOUNDRYThere are many different specifications governing the use and production of grey iron. At Matrix Iron Foundry, we produce grey iron in accordance with American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) A48, IS:210 1978 and BS EN 124:1994 as mentioned below. ASTM A48 covers a class of cast irons that are intended for general use applications.


      MasterDrives Material Properties For Grey Cast Iron GG-15 (DIN 1691 Gray Cast Iron GG-15 (DIN 1691), EN-GJL-150 (EU Steel Grade), EN-JL1020 (EU Steel Number), 20 (USA ASTM A48), 25 (USA ASTM A48) Important Note:As the material property values below are generalized figures only for quick reference and may only be applicable to certain test conditions.

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      Gray Iron in ASTM A48 based on the properties of separately cast test bars. A, B, C and S Requirements for Tensile Strength of Gray Cast Irons in Separately Cast Test Bar (Inch-Pound) ASTM A48 Class No. 40 B 1.2 Technical Brief - Continuous Cast Iron Bar Stock Leader certified to ASTM A48, class 40 when the separate cast test coupon has a minimum tensile strength of 40,000 psi. As mentioned previously, separate cast test bar tensile strengths will be much higher when poured from iron used to produce 20.0 diameter continuous cast

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      ASTM A278 Standard for Gray Iron Casting for Pressure Parts. ASTM A278 covers gray iron for castings suitable for pressure-containing parts for use at temperature up to 650°F (350°C). Classes of Iron:Castings of all classes are suitable for use up to 450°F (230°C). For temperature above 450°F and up to 650°F, only Class 40, 45, 50, 55 What is Hardness of Gray Cast Iron - Material PropertiesHardness of Gray Cast Iron ASTM A48 Class 40. Brinell hardness of gray cast iron (ASTM A48 Class 40) is approximately 235 MPa. In materials science, hardness is the ability to withstand surface indentation (localized plastic deformation) and scratching.

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      22 rows · Physical Properties Original Value Comments; Density :7.15 g/cc:Typical for Gray Cast Iron :

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